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Monday, March 29, 2010


My best pal and I went out to enjoy a beautiful Spring day in Citrus County.  We sure appreciate the return to what most of us have come to take for granted:   

Florida weather  

It's here and everyone in Citrus County was out enjoying Spring weather; loading up on spring plants and eating on the deck by the water, hitting a few garage sales, local Flea Markets and various Citrus County destinations. 

It's so nice to see the trees greening up and the red buds in thier purple splendor.

The Azaleas and the many other spring flowers giving us a burst of color which serve to boost our spirits after our long cold winter.

Before we got out of the neighborhood, we came upon a goldmine garage sale.  Richard zeroed in on a very practical purchase of a bran new toaster oven while I made my impulse buy.

Now admit it, isn't there someone in your circle who reminds you of this doll?  

As we came across Grover Cleveland road, we noticed an "OPEN HOUSE " sign at Alpaca Magic USA.  What luck!   Alpaca Magic USA has been raising quality Alpacas since 1996 when they started out with just 2 pregnant females.  The Farm has become Florida's largest Alpaca Farm.  They have over 100 alpacas and we arrived just in time to join a tour with the farms very knowledgeable guide named Larry. 

A baby alpaca is called a Cria.  An alpaca usually has just one cria per year.  They are very curious animals but Larry told us that when petting them, they will become skittish if you put  your hands where they can't see them.   

So after a few lessons, there we were, feeding them right out of our hands.  


They can be trained to come when you call them.  Larry hollered out and this guy came running from way out in the field as fast as he could.  

Of course Larry had a big pail of kibble so the alpaca knew he had food 
Then a whole bunch other ones came a running.  

Alpaca's are unusually gentle animals and a real joy to get  up close and personal with them.

The alpaca are close cousins to the camel and originated from the Andes Mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Chile.  They are also related to llamas, guanacos and vicuna.

There is a unique gift shop with many products made from the fleece of the Alpacas.  You may also buy raw fleece, carded fleece and yarn.   Products can be purchased at any stage up to and including beautiful sweaters and vests and scarves, socks, finger puppets, teddy bears, hats, gloves, wall hangings and more. 

Alpaca Magic USA also offers classes to learn how to make "alpaca finery" from the fleece.  Learn to spin, weave, needle felt and dye the fleece into wonderful colors.  they can teach you how to process the luxurious fleece from start to finish. 

Should you have an interest in the business of raising quality suris and huacayas alpacas, Alpaca Magic USA can show you how you can enjoy the "alpaca Lifestyle."

Alpaca Magic USA have more tours planned through April.  Check out their web site for dates at http://alpacamagicusa.com/  and add one of these Open House tours to your MUST DO list/

After the Alpaca Farm, we headed on over to Homossasa to Howards Flea Market.  

This is really a grand daddy of a flea market and one can spend days in there without seeing everything.  

Howard's Flea market has been in operation since 1972. Starting with just a few booths by the Howard family.  

The Flea Market has grown to 
the facility that it is today Consisting of 55 acres and hundreds of booths and shops.

The Citrus County Chronical has awarded Howard's Flea Market The Best of the Best award for every year since  1996 to today. You never know what treasure or deal  you can find at Howard's Flea Market

With Easter right around the corner, I need to mention that every year Howards Flea Market hosts a sunrise service and an Easter egg hunt for the children of Citrus County and surrounding areas.  
Howards Flea Market is at 6373 South Suncoast Blvd, Homosassa, Fl . Market hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am to 3pm 

Next stop, Old Homosassa and the Cedar Key Fish House where we can buy fresh fish, crab, shrimp and have nice lunch at the adjoining Freezer Restaurant.  We always order the Full Shrimp Basket and share it. 

The Freezer is noted for it's thatched roof chiki hut made by the Seminole indians with a restaurant that is an actual freezer, modified to include a bar and a view of the river.  You can eat and watch the boats come and go and sit back and watch a real working fish house in action

The Freezer offers a touch of the old Florida, inexpensive seafood, and good old fashion Homosassa hospitality.  

The beer is always cold and the crowd is always friendly.   The Freezer is a favorite for people who like a relaxed atmosphere and good food. 

With our 25 lbs of stone crab iced down in the cooler we headed back to Inverness but not before stopping at 

Color Country on Gulf to Lake Hwy. http://bit.ly/arRGZw to check out all the wonderful flowers and get some professional advice on the best way to guarantee a lush garden for the rest of the year.

This was a great Citrus County Experience and one you can have all year round.  

Homosassa is a short drive from Jan's Highland Guest House and should be considered a day trip.

Jan can always whip  up and "easy to read" map to just about any Citrus County Experience or day trip that you may require and sure is a nice place to relax after a day of exploring out beautiful county.

Liz and Jack Thomson from  Toronto, Canada relax at Jan's Highland Guest House after a favorite Citrus County Experience.  

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